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How To Make Your Love, Relationships and Marriage Last Over 40 Years

For centuries people have been trying to find out how some couples have managed to stay married and maintain a good and loving relationship for decades, happily grow old together.

Some of the couples that we met have stayed married 40 and 60 years and even more, still in love and as happy as ever. But more often couples come to us even after just a few months of marriage and they are already not getting along and have relationship and marriage problems.

What is more surprising is that some of the couples that we met have been in a relationship for several years before they got married.

Some of them even lived together before marriage and then all of a sudden when they got officially married relationship problems like misunderstandings, disrespect and failed expectations appeared even if they just continued to live in the same house and in the same way.

For some couples their relationship deteriorated drastically during the years, and the love they shared is all but gone and replaced with resentment and anger.

But we have also met many couples that have the same excitement, love and respect in marriage like in the first days that they met and got married.

For these couples the love never erodes, for some reason their love has a magic and a secret that has lasted within their relationship for so many years.

So what is the secret for Love, Relationships and Marriage?

There are certain components that exist within couples that succeed in their marriage and relationship. And different components exist within couples that are having difficulties in their relationship, are not getting along or even end up getting divorced.

Nobody is born with those components, and unfortunately there is no school or any system to acquire them. Some of them receive them from their family as an inheritance or even an unknown inheritance from parents that received them and act in certain ways with the kids within the family so there is a blessing of friendship and peace within the parents and the kids.

So as the kids go on to their own life they maintain the same rules that attract peace to their own homes.

We know that everybody that has these special components is attracting a positive spiritual force into the relationship system. Whether you are just trying to meet someone or already within a marriage there must be a spiritual connection that binds in a relationship in addition to the physical part.

Every relationship and marriage includes, not only 2 different people and personalities, but two important aspects, the spiritual/soul side and the physical/material aspect.

When even one part of the couple, the man or the women, the wife or the husband, has a strong spiritual side and soul soul connection, his material/physical part, essentially his mind and thus his words and behavior are more relaxed, he communicates well, is in peace and acts in an easy cooperation with the other party.

If you want to make it a little sharper, a marriage and relationship is not just 2 bodies that are getting together, staying and living together under one roof. It’s not only the minds and bodies and the material parts that need to connect and work well together to create a successful coupling, it’s also the soul and the spiritual connection that needs to be synchronized and getting along in order to have a complete relationship system that is functioning well for the long term.

When you don’t have both of these components aligned your system is incomplete and cannot function well for a long time. It’s the soul, the mind and the hearts that need to get along and synchronize. When you don’t have that in place you get a broken relationship, separation and G-d forbid divorce.

You need to know that every relationship, friendship, dating, marriage or even in the business environment, there are 2 level relationship, one in the level of the material side which the brain interprets what it can physically see of the other person his or her look and the spiritual level/ the soul side is able to “feels” the other side.

Some people call it gut feelings but there are gut feelings that can you can know someone by just talking to them without even seeing them. That comes from the internal spiritual part of you.

Please be assured that the spiritual side is stronger and can control the physical side fairly easily and with minimum effort, as it created the physical side. A stronger spiritual side within a relationship has a dominant presence and relaxes and minimizes misunderstandings and materialistic problems in a marriage so they have only a very minor influence on the marriage/relationship and are easily controlled so they don’t become a major issue.

The feelings are that you control the situation, the material, and not the situation, the material, is controlling you. You can see people with difficulties in life or disasters that happened to them that they crumble. There are others that are taking a ride on the situation and continue on, and that is possible only with the help of the internal spiritual person.

A good relationship and a long term marriage cannot last for years when it is established on a level of only the material side and if they last on the material side they will not last for many years.
Every relationship between two people needs to be established on foundations of the spiritual connection between the man and the women so the material side will be pulled and influenced by the spiritual.
So how can you create such a relationship and marriage that will stay for 60 years.  Is it possible for every person at any time?  Or is it limited?

The Spiritual Foundations of a Marriage or Any Relationship

Every person is spiritually only a half until they find their mate and get married. There is no person that is whole until he gets married and found the other to complete him.

  • There is a rule in the universe that a material cannot create itself, but it can change in relation to its environment. All material in the world is sensitive and can be impacted by its environment, for example heat or cold, darkness or light may change and affect its components.
    The same with a person, every person was born with certain qualities and traits. He cannot create them himself but he can change them to fit with his environment. Coldness, warmth, love, happiness, depression, the person can change his traits as these conditions in his environment change.
  • Every material can create or change the shape of an environment. If you put a table of a certain size, a certain color in a certain location in a room, the environment will look one way. If you replace the table with one of a different size and a different color in a different location, the room will look different. And if you add another 2 or 3 items into the room, different components, different sizes and different colors, will change the material environment of the room.

The same with a person, internal components create mood, create energy, happiness or sadness, darkness or arguments within the environment surrounding the person, all depending on the components that changed internally.
You are the material, you did not create yourself, but as a material spiritual forces can change you or your partner on an internal  spiritual level that will change the shape, the mood, the energy, the coldness, the warmth, the love and the happiness of you, your partner and your relationship environment.

You cannot create was is not within you because the material cannot create itself, but you can introduce the forces into your environment that will feed your environment and make positive change.   The change will come from the spiritual force this time.

The spiritual power introduced into your environment can come from 2 different places.  One, from internal spiritual components that you can learn and can be acquired by practicing them. So you become spiritually stronger and create a weaker connection to the material side so that you will be able to control and have a ride on the material problems.  It’s doable, it’s possible, but it does take time and effort, and yes it may take a while but it is worthwhile to change your relationship, marriage and life to levels and heights you never experienced before through spiritual changes.  It definitely would last for many many years and we do teach the straightforward practical techniques to achieve that as part of our program.

The second option is much simpler and easier, which is to acquire applications that are created with the power and the energy to influence your environment.

There are materials that G-d created, that already have spiritual components inside them that can begin to operate when used in with the right combination of words and actions and have power to influence the person’s environment.  This is old world wisdom of the Kabbalah that discloses the different components of the world and their makeup and teaches us how to match the scenario/issue with the material that has the right spiritual components to influence the person’s environment in the way that is needed or desired.

You will find in our store practical guides that we sell that reveal these applications and the actions, behavior and secrets to maintaining a good healthy marriage and even increase love and unity between couples. ֲ With the guides you also receive the materials and spiritual components that reflect to the physical reality and influence the marriage energy for good.

In some cases we have helped couples to turn their relationship from almost divorced to completely going back to live together with love that increased the happiness of the couple themselves, the children and the entire family.

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