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Spiritual Healing and Health Using Kabbalah

Kabbalah offers a variety of spiritual Healing health solutions.

Among them is the wide-spectrum contribution of the Rambam – the Maimonides, on the body and on the soul and on the relationship between them.

His main approach is that the health of the body is influenced by the spiritual health of the person and so healing is subject to the following principles:

1) The body is the home of the soul, and the soul guides the body. That means that the body and the soul act as one unit.

2) The soul has five parts. Each part is responsible for another activity in the human being.

3) Except for the treatment of diseases of the body and the soul with drugs, foods, physical exercise, etc., the Rambam believes that maintaining the health – of the body and of the soul – lies first of all, and probably exclusively, in observing the commandments and improving one’s ways, morals and conduct up to their highest levels, for all of the world’s creatures.

4) The Rambam is of the opinion that one needs to persist in learning the Torah. One should worship God with awe and love and observe good values and virtues.

All of these build the frameworks that maintain mental health and strengthen man’s abilities to develop skills for maintaining bodily health. This is so because body and soul are one – which is the basis of the Rambam’s philosophy of health and medicine.

The Rambam’s ideas on body and soul constitute a very important background ….. to the straight path – the golden mean – which is the optimal way of life …

כל עוד שהכל מחובר

כל עוד שהנר דולק

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