Jewish Prayer for any Person that May Need Help

We Conduct Weekly Prayer Service for any Person that May Need Help

Prayers are one of the most important channels to get connections to God.  To know the kind and exact prayer for the right situation and to do it with the right meaning in the right time is a very unique wisdom.  Also the a person’s name needs to be considered.  

People that live a pure and spiritual life and spend their time and energy to get closer to God and know the secrets of prayers have a greater chance of having a connection with God and increase the chances that your prayer will be fulfilled.   To have your prayer accepted is a blessing!

Prayer services will be held by a Rabbi or a talmid chacham that practices a spiritual life with purpose and meaning, and practices the secret knowledge of spiritual kabbalistic prayers.

We have been providing spiritual natural advice and remedies, including Talismans, Amulets and Spiritual Readings  to a variety of people that have come to us seeking solutions and advice to their life difficulties in our local office. This site is the extension of our local work, to offer our help to more people who are looking for answers and remedy.

You can also buy some our products and remedies that we use in our online store.

Prayer services are held on Saturday morning. You can ask us to pray for you and/or your beloved family or friends. A charitable donation as you wish would be appreciated.