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Is Spirituality Real?

There is a power in every person that is called spirituality, his spirit. This spirituality is inside every person, and it doesn’t depend on your mind at all; where your mind end their your spirituality begins.

Your spirit and spirituality start where you can no longer comprehend what you are seeing.

Your mind can comprehend a lot of things. You see your computer or your desk with your mind, you don’t need your spirit in order to understand it.     So you may ask, when I can longer understand what my mind sees how do I know what is true and what is real?

If I cannot understand it with my mind how can I know it?  The spirit has a way for you to know it. You have senses, you cannot touch a spirit in your hands or see it with your eyes, but you are made up of that spirit and the fact that you are alive and can move and act and choose is evidence that you have a spirit.

There is still no scientific explanation for how you are able even to move your little finger. But there is a spiritual explanation, you have powerful energy within you and all around you that animates you and the world we live in.

There are waves in the air that transmit signals all over and around us, cell phones, televisions and other communication lines that exist and run in every second.  We cannot see them, we cannot feel them, we know they exist and in order to connect to them and direct them and work with them for our benefit we need to have special knowledge and special tools, its the same in spirituality.

This powerful energy is your spirit and the spirit in every living thing, and your spirituality is the way you connect to that spirit and that world of this powerful Godly energy.

This is what we have studied and worked with for decades, how to connect to this spirit within yourself, how to connect your spirit with someone else’s that you may love, how to disconnect your spirit from someone that is hurting you or an enemy, how to connect to the spirit of those that can bring financial abundance to you.

It is possible.  This Godly spiritual energy in all things is so powerful it can overtake the physical side of the world easily.  The need to know how to do it, how to connect, and create and build and change and manipulate the spiritual forces inside people and things to create good.

Spirituality in Reality.

To spirituality in reality you have to have the right vessel, tools and connections to get connected to it and to be part of it so you will see that your life and your actions are blessed and influenced.

For instance, a person that meditates makes himself a vessel to attract spirituality into his life or into his specific wish.

Holy talismans and amulets are one of the tools to connect to the spiritual as a strong prayer to manifest a desire in reality. (We are talking about talismans and amulets that were written on a parchment by a person that practices spirituality and knows how to follow the spiritual code, not the plastic and metal type of talismans and amulets that people buy for a few dollars.  They are for decorative purposes only and will not make any change or effect in a person’s life.)

Certain texts are considered holy when you repeat it to generate specific actions or requests.  There are items that you connect together, fire, water, roots, stones, herbs, plants and many other things that have a nature to perform actions of peace, relaxation, specific remedy, healing, that can change a person’s situation dramatically by combining the spiritual side of the material substance to work on a person, thing or a place.

That is part of creation, that every item in nature was created with a hidden power to influence the physical reality that a man lives.

That, of course, requires the knowledge of the right combination between the spiritual and the physical.  More than that, if you look at past history, its a very new thing to go to the doctor if someone is ill.

In ancient times a doctor did not exist, the doctor was a spiritual person that would know the connection between the illness to its spiritual source that caused it, they called him the Cohen, and this Cohen would craft the spiritual solution or the spiritual remedies way using leaves and herbs and mantras of texts.  That was the only thing that was available to receive solutions and remedy for life difficulties.

As the world has become more modern and advanced you see less spiritual options and people that really know spirituality and spiritual wisdom as it was in the original sources.  Finding a person that will perform a spiritual action for you, either for success, marriage or illness that succeeds and works in reality is very rare.  That’s why our services are very unique.

If you want to think on the lower level of that.  You saw spirituality in your mind and reality many times in your life and this is only two examples:

  1. When you dreamed something at night and then you saw it later on in reality, as when a person sleeps the physical side is asleep and the spiritual side controls the mind and the thoughts.
  2. The second time is think about how many times you spoke about something or somebody and it just showed up.

Make it a habit to connect and elevate your spiritual side and be part of seeing more good in your life.

We are always available for any questions you may have.  Have a wonderful day,

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