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Is Kabbala Black Magic?

Anything that G-d creates is for good, it is good now or it serves the ultimate purpose and so it is good. G-d did not create impure forces but he allows them to exist. How is that. He created man, which is a being that is not perfect.

In genesis after the recitation each day of what G-d created that day it says ” and G-d saw that it was good.” Each day he says that, when he made the sun and the moon, and the sky and the water etc.. except on the day that he made man he does not say “and G-d saw that it was good”.

Because all of the other things G-d made were good and serves his ultimate plan. G-d created man with free will so he does not yet know if it will be good or not, whether it is good or not will depend on our actions. This creates room for “not good”, which are the impure forces.

The bris that a jewish boy goes through is symbolic of this. G-d created the male with this foreskin and then asks us to remove it immediately after birth. Why? To remind us that we are not perfect and that G-d has kept the foreskin for us to remove to remind us that there are things that we need to do, actions that we need to take in this world, in order to make ourselves perfect or at least “good”.

So man has the ability to take the good actions and do positive acts of love and positive spiritual acts described in the Torah and Kabbalah, and in this way he becomes good and is an agent to further G-d’s purpose, a partner in creation and a builder of the world.

And if he does negative acts that violate our soul’s knowing and G-d’s desires he causes a ruining of the world, they go against G-d’s purpose in creating the world and cause destruction.

In the same way that good acts allow the blessing to flow from above, so the bad acts cause a shortage of blessing, they block the blessing and cause destruction.

Kabbalah is the hidden wisdom or the code in which the world was created.  Having the knowledge of what causes which results and how things effects each other can help understand and repair those hidden connections or sometimes the causes and issues come from disconnection.  Like in the real world, conflicts, miscommunication and disconnections, are lost opportunities to a man in the first level or on a greater level it may make damage to a person’s life.

The entire life of a man is small circles (words), strings (connections) surrounding him while he himself is acting in the center as a vessel, receiving (lights) to himself and providing to his surrounding and others.  There are certain patterns to what causes which type of problems which we see repeatedly in people and the solution most of the time  is sufficient to repair or resolve the issue.  Finding the cause and the solution to reconnect and receive is the practical help that we provide.

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Have a blessed day.

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