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Is it worth it to even get married? or Maybe its better to stay single?


We work a lot with people to help them when they are having difficulty in their marriage or are in the process of divorce.  Sometimes when people separate they realize that they miss their partner and do want to try to work it out and they come to us to try our spiritual solutions for relationships.

Today there are so many questions these days about relationships. Is it worth it even to get married at all? Maybe its better to stay single.

How to choose the right partner to build a home and have children?. How to properly invest in relationships?.

What to do instead of separating or running to get divorced. and on and on.

The first thing we need to know is that as it says in genesis 2:18 it is not good for man to be alone. “And the Lord God said, “It is not good that man is alone; I shall make him a helpmate opposite him.”

Every person needs to try and find their “helpmate” or in other words, their “soulmate,” their other half. If you really ask yourself, you know in your heart that it is not good to be alone without a partner, a helpmate opposite you in your life.

On the other hand, the percentage of people getting divorced nowadays is very large. So many ask the question what do we do and how do we build a stable partnership, home and family.

In order to understand this, we look at the Kabbalah which says that a man was created male and female connected together and then separated into two separate being when they come into this world. This concept is where the terms “your other half” and “soulmate” come from because you did share a soul and your bodies where connected and then split in half.

A small portions of the others attributed remains with you in order to be a starting point of connection to bring you back together. When a man is born male but he has a small part of him that has female attributes, those female attributes are a point of connecting to his other half. When a women is born a female but has a small part of her that has male attributes, those male attributes are the point of connection for her with her other half. Those are the points where they overlap and their connection begins.

Why were we created joined and not as separate beings to begin with? First, there is a maxim in science that everybody seeks to go back to its original form. In this case, since we were originally joined together and then separated we always seek to be joined again.

A man cannot feel whole and fulfilled without a women and a women cannot feel whole and fulfilled without a man. From this we learn that it is very hard for each to live without their soulmate because they complete one another.

Thus it is not good for a person to be without his or her partner, we feel that emotionally and physically. Even sometimes when a couple does separate, the partners think maybe I made a mistake, maybe it was silly to separate, maybe he or she really was my match. There are even couples that separate and divorce and then get back together.

They are two bodies but one soul. And this makes it so complex, because our souls are always seeking each other.

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