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Is God Sending Bad Evil People to Me?

Many times in life a person gets hurt by other people.  Sometimes even when he is sensitive and cares for a close person or a few people, these people respond with negative behavior and actions and you don’t understand why.

There is a different level where some people even hurt or neglect even close friends and family without any special reason, or they return bad actions to your kindness.

Are Some People Born Bad?

When every person comes into this world his soul goes into his body and an angel commands him to choose to go in the good way and not in a bad way.

A person is created with options to choose and he has the option to go and direct his life, living and doing good or living and doing bad and harm.

A person is born into the world to enjoy and use nature and the tools and opportunities that the creator offers with free will.  You can take and light a fire to use it with a candle to create light in your room and to banish darkness, or you can take the same fire to cook a meal or alternatively you can take the fire to burn, to hurt and to destroy and make damage.

According to a person’s actions he receives the reward and the punishment in this world and in the next world, as a person’s soul exists forever, but G-d waits and gives the person time to regret his mistakes and perform a redemption.  That is why a punishment is almost never an immediate reaction to a bad action, as G-d manages this world with mercy.

In nature there are well written rules of good rewards for good deeds and bad punishments on sins and negative deeds, exactly as these rules are performed on the earth by government.  So when a person makes the decision to pass an intersection at a red light, he knows that he will receive a ticket for that and come in front of the court to be judged.

That’s how it is also in the spiritual world.  There is an exact registration system that registers the person’s actions and exchanges the result with every single action for good or bad as a well organized spiritual law system.  For some actions the price of the ticket, the punishment, is low, for other actions the price is high.

A baby that is born into this world is never born bad. Sometime in his lifetime he was requested to make a rational decision to choose to do bad or good. Of course, his initial surrounding environment is an important critical factor in determining whether he will adapt and receive influence for good or bad, for blessing or curse.

The Connection Between G-d and People’s Actions

The nature of laws operate in the world constantly equally on all human beings.

In the normal way, when a person throws a stone at someone there is a gravity force, direction and timing that operate at the same time and according to nature’s laws he is going to hit a target or someone that will get hurt because all natural laws are fulfilled.  a person that got hurt from the stone can get rescued by something that will happen above nature.  That means a special little occasion, or if you want you can call it a miracle, that something got distracted or changed against the normal ordinary laws of nature and in the end the result is different, which in this case the rock will miss the targeted person.

You can see it everywhere all the time with people that have health problems, financial problems, infertility etc. that conditions that a doctor or specialist says that according to the data and his experience there is no option to get out of the issue or to receive recovery.  And after all despite all the experience and the modern technological equipment in reality surprisingly  for some people things changed for good, recovery is complete, the problem is resolved and if you go back to the doctor he has no scientific way to prove that he was wrong or the what was the cause of the change.

People call that a miracle or G-d’s hands.

The world is always running according to the natural rules of creation.  Things in our life are always running in the natural system, BESIDES unusual occasions where a force gets involved in nature’s way and the results are not the same anymore, not as we got used to thinking and seeing.

What About The Actions of Bad People?

In nature when a person decides to take a pin and prick someone so he will get hurt, the victim needs to have enough credit, spiritual credit, so that something will get involved in that specific moment so that the pin will miss him or hit a different place so pain will not occur, and the person that decided to try to hurt will fail.

So why does it happen to me? 

In short, there are a few reasons why a person falls with people that hurt him, even surprisingly sometimes very close people that he has known for years and trusts betray him.

A. When something not good happens the first thing you need to know is that the result that you received is a reaction to something.  So first you should look at your actions.  If you attract such  negative people or actions toward you that are doing bad and negative actions against you.  Review yourself exactly as if you received a violation ticket.

B.  In every relationship, partnership, marriage or love there are often spiritual forces that like winds go into a person’s mind by other surrounding forces, like people at his job, family, friends and his actions.  Those spiritual forces can come a locate themselves even within the home, so that the people that live in the home don’t understand why there are so many fights and arguments between the couple, family or residents.

In the past I told someone that you cannot be in a room with people smoking cigarettes without smelling the smoke, attracted the smell of cigarettes to your clothes and even damaging your health.  If something negative is located close to you, he will be attracted to you, will stick to you and little by little become part of you and in the next step he will influence you to behave in the same way and affect toward others.  A person that comes home from a smoking environment will bring home the smell of cigarettes on his body and will start to affect the new people around him in the new place.  The next step that the negative is doing is buying you, when he is located within you he spreads and influences your behavior, so now he has a new messenger to work for him and to influence and hurt others.

In you get the idea, negativity or positivity is contagious.

C. There are people that carry with them evil that they received at some point.

Every person has a material side and a spiritual side.  Some people have the material side so strong that they have a very strong attraction to materials like money, that this habit becomes a controller and a priority before any person or family. So they no longer control the material, the material controls them.

Every time that the material feels that it is going to lose its force and control it will push the person to act in a very negative, aggressive way as the material does not want to lose its place.  So it will fight with even close family members of the person and make people miserable. So you can see it on people that are wealthy but they are mean and lonely.  You can see it on people that have everything but they never got married.  The person thinks that he earns more material and that is most important for him but in reality the person is a slave to the material.

These types of people are many times blind and cannot see the real reality of life.  Hurting people for them is just a way to achieve more material which is what they seek.

D.  King Solomon said “Guard your heart, because from that life results come.” The thoughts and the feelings in the heart influence the person’s behavior and the physical and psychological health of the person.  Every person has different blood in terms of texture, it receives spiritual oxygen from its surrounding, the smell, the taste, the feelings that it receives, bad or good affects the way the blood runs in the body and feeds the heart and the brain and the blood texture will affect the thought and the actions of the person.

As I explained before, a person or a house, or even a vessel, that is located near something that is impure or there is something impure within them, they attract the same behavior and their behavior changes.  The only solution is to remove and exclude the impure, filthy or negative to stop the influence and to enter a pure and good environment.

So What Can be Done Against Evil People?

First, understand that the actions and reactions work together and a self assessment and checkup is required to find the cause that it happened to you.

Second, depending on the source, in some ways you need to block and stop the source that performed the actions against you.   In the case of an important relationship or a partnership like marriage or family that you care about, you should also help him or her to get rid of their influence.  Cleaning and cleansing in order to prevent continuous negative forces from attacking you.

If you have any questions, please feel free always to contact us.

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