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Attract Success and Good Luck

There is a reason why some people succeed and some fail to succeed.  When can look around us and see that it is usually not hard work, education or coming from a specific background or place that determines success. Very often its just good luck or blessing that is the difference between success and failure.

Having good luck is described as having a blessing in whatever you are doing, and for some even when you are not making an effort you still receive and attract good fortune. In addition to that, people that have good luck also don’t have damages or losses around them but always seem to be in a positive flow.

How do you get in the zone of this positive flow and good luck?  According to Kabbalah you must increase your spiritual merit so you are looked upon favorably and greater blessing flows to you.  There are many ways to do that but one of the easiest ways is to give certain specific amounts of charity to certain types of people.

Success stories about how this type of charity have gained a worldwide reputation for one simple reason: the connection between the charitable contribution and the is so swift and immediate, so clear – that it’s simply impossible to err and think otherwise.  You don’t have to believe other people’s stories – you can try for yourself!

People have found that after giving they finally were offered the perfect job, found and were able to easily obtain financing for the home of their dreams, found that sought-after marriage or found that item they thought was lost forever. Natural barriers that were preventing people from moving forward were surprisingly eliminated; legal or government procedures were suddenly shortened or cancelled. People were even rescued from accidents and recovered from diseases with unnatural speed.

We have seen many people that have been blessed with improvement in their business and finances using this method.  Many people that have work with us and donated to us have been blessed in such a way that they are overwhelmed with business.  They tell us that since they got to know us everything changed for them, things that were stuck or stopped for them for 25 years suddenly changed and opened up such that they cannot even handle the flow and are overwhelmed.

All these people tell their stories to anyone who will listen as it truly is amazing to receive such blessing.  Often it is even more amazing just to get to see so clearly that you have received a blessing from on high – to see the divine presence participating in your life.

With God’s help if you contribute too, chances are good you will experience such positive change too and join them.


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