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Black Magic Remedies: Can I Turn My Luck Around

Sometime when a person has difficulties in life the reason for that is not what they are doing or that they are doing something wrong, there are other third party forces that are interfering and influencing the person, the people around him or his environment.

For instance, a person that has a store and comes in the morning and opens the store, he has the light on, the register open, the products are in place and he is spending 12 hours a day to have the store open.  People pass by some buy and some don’t, but although he has everything in place and he is putting the time and the effort in, sales are low.

People have the need for the products that he has on the shelves and they will buy it somehow from him or someone else.  So why don’t they buy from him?  More than that sometimes a person sells his store or business to someone else after many years of struggling and the new owner has much more success than the previous owner.

The same place, the same location, the same opening hours but really it’s not the same.  If everything was the same then the new owner should get the same exact results as the one that failed to manage his business and walked away.

Very few people will notice the differences between the two scenarios.  A person that succeeds has different behavior, different surrounding environment and a different luck.  Yes, they can sell the same products but the money and income rules will act differently and in favor of the ones that respect and work together with the rules of nature.

If you are going through difficult times and you don’t know why. Did I do something wrong?  I am a good person why is this happening to me? Causes like Black magic, bad luck, evil eye are hidden forces that yes, can influence a person’s life.

Sometimes it feels like it’s one thing after another, a string of bad luck.

Often that is what happens when you have an external negative influence like black magic, evil eye and such.  It snowballs. The initial swoop of bad energy causes bad things to happen and you may get upset, depressed, freak out and this is causing the negative influence to grow in your life.

Can The Negative Chain Be Turned Around to Positive?

The negative energy comes from people. G-d does not give you any negative energy, G-d does not take from you.  G-d is only constant giving and love.

If you are having negative things happen in your life it is because a person has pushed this negative energy towards you through black magic, evil eye, curses or even just gossiping about you.

First, you need to try to avoid the people who hold this type of negativity and try to protect yourself from them even getting near you.

Second, you need to create your own positive energy in your life to counteract the negative.  The negative is banished by positive.  It cannot stay where their is positive good things.  When we say good or bad acts we are speaking in the spiritual sense. Acts that create positive energy and acts that create negative energy. The positive will always win.  So a second way to eliminate the negative is to increase the positive spiritual acts.

Our Black Magic Protection and Removal and Evil Eye Protection and Removal package are designed with this in mind, guiding you through the spiritual acts that will create positive spiritual energy to banish the negative energy placed in your life.

Creating Blessing In Your Life

G-d is constant giving of blessing, he does not stop projecting positive spiritual energy and blessing into our world.   In order to get this blessing you need to let it into your life.

This does not stop, if he stopped we would cease to exist.

You can make an analogy that G-d is like the sun.  The sun is always shining and giving warmth.  Whatever you do does not affect the sun, the sun continues shining.

Whether you get the sun’s warmth depends on whether you go out into the sun and let its rays fall on you and feel the light and the warmth.

If you go into the house and close the shutters you will not get that warmth or the light.

Spirituality and Reality

It all depends on your actions and the actions of other people of course.  Through bad actions toward you other people can cause you to be blocked from the sun and its warmth.

You or a third party made an action that caused the sun’s blessing not to get to you.

Your actions moved you away from it and your actions can also bring you closer.  To remove these blockages you need to begin to come closer to the sun and thus closer to G-d.

Depending on where the negative energy is in your life, you can learn from our applications which acts to do to turn it around.

If you want to improve your luck generally and start creating positive blessing in your life in all areas you can look at our Improve Your Luck package.

If there is something specific that you want to work on you can look at our spiritual counseling option or feel free to contact us and we would be happy to help and provide options.

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