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I used black magic. I need removal or relief for black magic curses

I made the mistake of using black magic in the past and I feel like it still affects me somehow. A sorcerer had placed a curse on me but that is gone now since I purchased the talisman . Please let me know if there’s anything I can do.


Hello, using black magic can be dangerous as it effects the core spirit and body of the person.  When you say you have blockages, in which area and in what way? We will then get back to you with our thoughts.?


 My relationships and health are blocked and so are my finances


Health and relationships come from a different area and we do have solutions and applications for those areas. There are custom solutions that we can put together for you that would include ritual work from our end like Pidyon Nefesh, which you can see here:

We would also send you a package for you with applications  to break black magic or any past witchcraft in the home environment and in a personal.

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I would like to proceed how soon I can receive it?

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