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I Bought Talismans Elsewhere and I don’t Feel That its Working for me

A client Question:

Hello, I just attached 2 copies of an amulet that was made for me last year by a different person.I didnt feel as if the item really worked for me ,but i would like a second opinion from someone more knowledgeable than myself.
Could you tell me if the item is good or not so good etc?
Any an all feedback would be appreciated.I look forward to your response!

Our Response:

Hello, that is a good question. A talisman includes a strong prayer request which contains a code that is known by people that practice practical Kabbalah.

The two most important things about a talisman is the holy way in which the talsiman is written and the person that is writing it.

Unfortunately most of the time the talismans on the market are just items without holiness.

A talisman is not an answer for everything or for everybody. Before we sell a talisman to someone we conduct a spiritual reading and sometimes suggest different options.

The talismans that you sent has holy names in it. If you feel that it did not help you within the time range of 90 days to a year, it means that the talisman had no holy effect on you for one of the reasons that I mentioned above.

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