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Dating: How To Find A Love That Will Last Forever

There are thousands of people on dating sites looking for relationships, love, companionship and more.

Most people dating are not really sure what they are looking for but they know they have a need that they believe love can fill.

Love is a human need like many other needs, the need for food and water, the need for sleep, the need for sunshine.

Every person also has the need for love, which includes companionship, attention, intimacy, to know that you are not alone and someone in this world cares about you.

These are all legitimate real needs that will lead to distress if they are not met.

Dating Just to Fulfill Your Needs

If love is just about having these needs met, then love will change as these needs change.

In this definition, love is not unconditional, because if a person met your needs and you loved him or her, and then for some reason he or she was no longer able to meet these needs, then you would cease to love them and go out again to find someone else to meet your needs.

So this is not a love that lasts forever.

We see it very often today, these superficial relationships based on having your immediate needs met, and partners are traded on Tinder like baseball cards.

If this is the case, how many people can still believe in love forever after.

Many people think this kind of long term relationship is something only found in the movie or romance novels.

They have a very good point, after all nothing in our lives lasts forever;  the money we make, not the food we eat, not our bodies or our age.

We are constantly changing, so why would love be any different?  Why should love be forever and why do we want it to be so.

Can Love Last Forever?

Love is not just a need, love is a form of transcending the physical world into the spiritual world by connecting two spiritual beings on a spiritual level.

Love is a way of connection to the spiritual being inside of us through the spiritual being inside the other person and together finding a higher purpose.

People do love each other because they meet each others needs physically, emotionally and/or intellectually, but this would not last forever because there would be one thing missing, which is spiritual comparability or spiritual union.

This is looking at each other on a different level and with a different eye.

This is not just meeting my need or your need but joining together to create a home and a family, something greater than ourselves.

You are not just fulfilling my need but you are helping me to become something greater than I am and I am doing the same for you.

The soul connection allows you to understand that it’s not just about what you can take from the other person but how much you can give and the nature of that giving.  That’s a truly compatible give and take that enhances you both.

To appreciate the other person on a spiritual level is not something you can easily throw away.  A spiritual connection will always keep you tied to that person because they touch the essence of who you are.

Finding Spiritual Love

This type of spiritual love that can lead to marriage and children and a lifetime of happiness is sometimes very hard to find in this day and age when our ways of communicating are usually very far from spiritual.

To find your spiritual match you need to begin to connect to your spirituality and then communicate to the world on the spiritual frequency and draw the right spiritual partner to you.

You can read more about how we can help you do that with our Find Your Soulmate applications.  We have seen many couples come to together using these spiritual methods and wish you the best in finding your soulmate.

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