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How Spiritual Solutions & Applications Work in Reality

Kabbalah is often thought of as a philosophy of life to be studied, but it is not just a religious tradition to be studied but it also contains incredible old world strategies and remedies that can give you direct positive results that you can see in your life today.

We have worked with these remedies for over 2 decades with our local clients and have seen first hand that spiritual remedies can and do affect tangible reality.

How is this possible?  It is very hard to explain briefly but it stems from the inherent relationship between our physical world and the spiritual world.

The spiritual presence is part of every physical being and object.

The physical and the spiritual are always relating and interacting with each other, whether the being is aware of it or not. Influencing one of the sides (either the spiritual or the physical) will make a direct change in the relationship between them. Influencing or harnessing that spiritual presence will reflect directly on the physical object or being that it belongs to.

More than that, the existence of one depends on the other to live. So if one is damaged or dies, the other one falls apart or is banished too. On the other hand if one, let’s say the spiritual side, is healthy, growing, expanding and succeeding, the other (the physical side) gets the same reflection and adopts the same positive change.

The simple math runs as follows: Spiritual Change = Trigger = Physical Change and there is a constant connection and reaction between the two forces.

Having the knowledge of how to influence the spiritual side of the person and to have the right trigger is unique old time wisdom that is connected to the source code of the world and can absolutely make a change in reality itself, a better positive life that is reflected in many areas, like health, relationships, marriage and even influencing others thoughts and actions towards you. This is a wisdom that very few people know and practice.

In our “Products & Services” section  you will find our applications in which we provide the instruments as a thing that you can very simply take and apply to your life or plug into a specific issue that you want to deal with and make the change or remedy that is necessary.

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