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Help With Marital Problems To Make My Husband Love Me Again

Dear Kabbalah Advisors,

I am writing to get some much needed assistance with years of unhappiness in my marriage.

I have been married for approximately 9 years.   Since about a year ago, he is having an affair and he tells me that he has no interest in me. He goes out daily without saying where he is going and he comes home late at night.

He does not assist with anything in the home and always says that he has no money. He has also become very mean and confrontational with the
children and me.

I am frustrated, broken and deeply hurt. Is there anything you can do to assist and restore my marriage and bring peace and love into my home, even though he said that he never loved me?


Hello, I am very sorry to hear that. Although it sounds like you have been through a lot, I understand from your decision that you are willing to continue and find a solution.

We have a package that we send that tells you exactly what to do to change the environment in the house and particularly the relationship between husband and wife. From past experience we have helped people with very difficult situations within marriage and some of them were already in the process of divorce.

The actions that you have to take are simple and your husband doesn’t need to know or participate. Some of the actions you need to do only once, but some of them you need to keep doing until you see a positive response from him. For some it took a day or two and for some 30 days or more but assuming he did not walk away from the relationship that means he has an interest to stay and the fact that you are still in the same home, those are good circumstances to work under.

I want you to take a look at the information on the page here:

We provide you with the applications and very detailed instructions what to do and when. We also provide you with guidance later on if you have any questions or need advice. Our goal is to improve and bring peace to your home.

Please let me know if you have any questions or need further advice.

With Blessing,

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2 thoughts on “Help With Marital Problems To Make My Husband Love Me Again

  1. My husband has abandon me and the kids for the the past 8months now, and refuse to come back because he was hold on by a woman whom he just met, for that, my self and the kids has been suffering and it has been heel of a struggle, but I decide to do all means to make sure that my family come together as it use to.

    1. Hello, I am sorry to hear that. Do you still see him face to face? The time factor is very important, please contact us and we will do our best to help.

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