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Good Luck or Bad Luck; Is there such a Thing as Luck?

In our modern world when most people talk about having good luck or bad luck they are referring to something that is outside the normal parameters of creation.

The person’s natural state of being is somehow altered by something positive or negative that is outside of nature and colors the person’s life for good or bad.

To say that there is something that is outside the realm of creation,  would mean that there is something out of God’s hands.

There is no such thing.  There is nothing outside the realm of God and God’s creation.

If its true, good or bad is coming from God for a reason.

Good Luck and Bad Luck in Kabbalah

In Kabbalah when we say good luck and bad what we are really talking about is positive energy and negative energy.

Everything we have in this world has a source in the upper world.

So the spiritual part of that thing or person is rooted and connected to the source above in an abstract manner.

For example, every cat has an abstract form of itself above, and goes from one level to another from God down to our world and into the body or vessel created for it here.

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