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Good Health: Basic Spiritual Guidelines for Maintaining Health

According to the Maimonides, there are three basic principles to maintain a persons good health.

  • Balancing the Foods that you eat.
  • Exercising Every Day.
  • Maintaining spiritual health.

1. Balancing the Foods that You Eat.

Maimonides says that you should not eat what is pleasing to your palate but rather what is healthy for his body.  Today our food contains many chemicals, preservatives, food colorings and dyes.

 Our supermarkets are full of man-made food products that are not found in nature, like margarine, which is completely man made and the body has a very hard time digesting it as it is not a natural product.

 It is very cheap to produce and the food industry would like up to purchase more and more, but it is unnatural and consuming it is difficult for the body.

The food coloring that is used by the food industry to attract our appetite are equally unnatural and difficult for the body to consume.

Food preservatives are also found in many of our food products, preservatives are used to kill natural bacteria that would grow and thus prolong the shelf life of the product.

But the preservatives that are killing the bad bacteria also kill the good intestinal bacteria in the food, and likely do some damage to the good bacteria in your body when you eat it.

The  more a person is connected to nature and eating natural foods, the more connected he is to G-d and his positive energy.

The numerological value of the word “nature” and the word “G-d” in Hebrew are both 86.  From this we learn that the nature is equal to G-d’s imprint.  So when a person connects to nature and eats healthy food from nature he is connecting to the energy of his creation.

You don’t have to be extremist in this and completely revamp the way you eat or become stressed about it but making the healthier choices and adding more natural foods to your diet, like fruits, vegetables, honey, nuts and seeds this will allow you to better maintain your health.

fruits, vegetables, honey, nuts and seeds has energy by nature to heal

2. Exercising Every Day.

Maimonides writes that one must exercise every day.  Again, you do not need to take this to an extreme and make your body the focus of the day or spend hours in the gym, but you should move and exert your body in some way every day.

The work that the body does when it exerts itself, develops the body, maintains his muscles in good working order and protects the body.

Every day the body is creating different substances through many different cycles of the body.  The waste created by the body and these cycles needs to be moved out.

When you exercise the functions of the body get a boost and speed up helping to remove waste from the body and keeping you healthier.

When you don’t exercise your body processes slow and waste can stay in your body longer than it should causing additional damage to your body as well as causing sadness and depression, anxiety and a variety of other emotional problems.

3. Maintaining Spiritual Health

Lastly, it is very important to maintain correct thinking processes.  If the person posses a soul that looks at the world in a negative way, is always looking for the problems that could arise.  This will create, fear, anxiety and anger which will in the end hurt his body.

A person that has a lot of anger and grudges at others is causing himself a lot of pain.  He may think that when he is angry at others they are suffering, but in reality he is the one that is losing out because the anger is doing a lot of internal damage to his body and his spirit.

On the other hand, if he was more positive and learned to let things go and to forgive others, he will be avoiding a lot of his own pain and even potentially drawing positive energy to himself.

It is also very important for your body to actively seek out ways to connect to your internal spirit.  The spirit within you is what creates the energy to allow your body to function.  When you connect to and acknowledge that energy and feed it with positivity it can have a healing and calming effect on your body as well.  You can do this by meditating, praying, doing yoga or just being still and talking to G-d.

Repairing and Healing Damage to Your Body


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