In the home of God, the Temple, God asked everyone to participate in its building.  From the materials and labor, men and women, dedicated their money, time, knowledge and effort to put together a home for God which was the most impressive place on the earth.

Whether you had precious stones, gold, silver, copper,  leather, wood, incense or oil, people brought the best of the best of what they were blessed with for God.

God promised that whoever served and donated to and was part of his house, he and his family will be blessed, not only that, his property and belongings will flourish, he will have no damage and no enemies will be able to ever control them. All in a way that is above nature.  And this was God’s promise.

However, God put his house together not because he needs a temple in our world.  The temple was a connection point for us to him.  When we put together this glorious house,  by the end of the day it served us because we had a place with a direct open channel where God was communicating with us and answer our prayers and requests literally in real time.

The work that all of us put into the it ended up being our source where we received everything that we needed in our life with no concerns.

In today’s world it’s exactly the same. Serving God and others has a tremendous impact on a person’s life in every area, everywhere.

Let me say it more precisely, a person with a good heart that cares about others and supports the poor and their needs, gives a hand to the weak, donates from his money to support people and spiritual activities, he is maintaining and is under the same promise that God promised with respect to the temple and we see it every single day in the people round us and those we work with.

The ones that give always get more in life, in health, in their families, in peace, financially, with their children, siblings, with their properties and business, moving forward happy, healthy, expanding and doing more and more for others.  It’s a way of life and it has never failed.

If you earn one cent or a million dollars and you want to work under this type of “above nature” prosperity, you should make it a very strict habit to take a fixed percentage, and give it back as a donation.

The thing that you do for others you are first and mostly doing it for you, and the more you give away the more you get back.

Giving is Unlimited Receiving!

We see the people and the cases almost every single day that need support and help and we have dedicated money and staff to support charitable activities, but the number of people that are in need is much larger than the funds in the donation box that we dedicated.

We have a big heart and will to do more and we hope you will be part of it.

Our center provides support and helps people almost on a weekly basis with different needs starting from food, clothing and other necessities for adults, children and seniors and the many other different needs that they have that they cannot afford.

You can click the below button and submit your donation by credit card or Paypal.

Your assistance means so much to us so if you need anything in the future please do not hesitate to contract us at anytime.   We will confirm receiving it with a gratitude letter.

Thank you for your help, from us and from the ones that thank us. and God bless you.