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Finding Your Soulmate in the Real World

A few years ago we worked with an attorney in Manhattan, New York City who made a very nice living working in a respectful firm and could not find new relationship to get marry.

Her job was very stressful and time consuming almost to the exclusion of a normal social life but she really wanted to find her soulmate and get married and have children, and made considerable efforts to find the right guy.

Despite her efforts she went on many bad dates, even worse blind dates and was very embarrassed that she was 29 years old and had still failed to find the right man for her.

She heard about us through a friend we had helped with another matter and after contacting us and communicating her story to us we guided her in our remedies to find her soulmate.

She started to use our applications and guide and about a month later she suddenly got fired, which she clearly was very unhappy about.  She was very angry, but decided to trust G-d and continue to be open to further changes. Then after about two weeks she met her soulmate.

She did not like him at first but decided to agree to a second date because she had agreed to remain open to whomever came.   So today they have been married for over 7 years and have two beautiful children, and of course she easily found another job that she likes better.

Her husband says that he liked her because she was calm and open, which she never would have been if she had not had a break from that job.  They would have had difficulty connecting on a soul level and they did not connect on a material level (as she did not like him initially) so the circumstances were not right until she got the spiritual help she needed to make it happen.

If she had met him while she was working in that job, he probably would not have liked her because she was more stressed out, and she probably would have just judged him on her initial meeting and rejected a second date, so the opportunity would have been wasted.

There is a right time and place for everything and sometimes with our limited knowledge we cannot know what is best for us.  When you appeal to the spiritual source for help and guidance and remain open to their guidance (whether you think its good or not) you often can create great miracles for yourself.

We have seen our Kabbalah remedies help many people find their soulmate, sometimes in very surprising ways.  Even if you have been on hundreds of dates, do not give up!  Our methods have been proven to help many men and women that are searching for their soul mate and to get married bring that change into their life.

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