Finding Your Soul Mate Is Based On Spiritual Intention.

One of the most common issues that people contact us about is finding a soulmate, dating and marriage, which is all based on relationships between men and women. Many times men and women come with a ready to go list with definitions of the soulmate that they would like to meet and the qualifications that this person must have in order to match their guidelines for a happy fulfilling life and of course with a wish and intention to have a relationship that will move forward in an only positive way and last forever.

We have found that many times we listen to the man/women’s list and some of the lists are very long lists that include: beautiful, attractive, rich, wealthy, tall, skinny, athletic, successful with high energy, happy, with nice family, from a certain country, from a certain ethnic group, education level, be honest with integrity and love, will be with faith or a certain religion, or not religious at all, we heard that a rich father or mother, or grandfather or grandmother is also an advantage and the list can go on and on even defining the soul mate’s height.

And there are even requests for special behaviors, he will respect me, love me, buy me, pamper me, etc.

Well as the list goes by and as the soul mate list gets longer the candidate needs to be filtered with very sophisticated levels and requirements, and this of course does not even include other opinions of people in your family of your future husband or wife and everything gets really complicated.

We would like to make a totally different point which in our knowledge is the number one most important thing when you establish a relationship. Without this core thing there is a great chance that the relationship will be temporary for a certain period of time depending on items, circumstances and other people’s influence.

A relationship between two people, especially when it is between man and women, is with the purpose of completing each other and is first of all a spiritual relationship. A spiritual connection must be established first within the soul before anything else in order to have a strong, stable relationship, as when the souls of two people is connected there is a deep connection in the conscious and unconscious level that will be performed at a higher level and a much stronger level than the material connection.

On the other hand, relationships that are established based on a material connection only are always belonging to the external side of the body, is not connected to the mind and soul of the person and always is dependent on things. Relationships that are based on money, looks etc..____________ are dependent on those things to last.

Material things have a limited lifetime and as soon as those items are gone a crack in the relationship will appear with a great danger that the relationship will end. That’s why, in the current world the divorce rate is so high, and it was never ever like that before, as our world and people’s lives today are the most materialistic than ever before.

Building your relationship, starting from dating and marriage based on a spiritual connection, like love and _____________ . Honesty, integrity, good energy are values / personality traits and do not belong to the soul part of the person although they are extremely important and must be considered when you are looking to start a relationship with someone, especially a long term relationship that needs to be based on strong foundations.

The spiritual part within you has a certain attraction to a person with the same spiritual magnet. There are a few techniques to go by to feel and to confirm that the person that is sitting next to me has a good chance or is the one that is connected to my soul and the level of your awareness and internal connection are a great part of identifying those signs.

I cannot describe it as it is complicated and there is no general advice for everyone but working with us through improving relationships is one of the things that we focus to bring up your spiritual awareness to a level that you will be able to recognize and have the internal voice that will tell if you if that person is the right one for you to go into a relationship with or not.

Again, if you have any questions or are looking for advice feel free to contact us at any time and we will be happy to help. Have a blessed day.

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