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Money & Business – Financial Success or Spiritual Growth

Money, business, wealth, is what we spend most of our days trying to achieve.  Usually this desire stems from an internal need to fill the void we feel in ourselves or to make ourselves bigger and more important.

But once achieved, does it really do those things?  Is the void filled and you feel satisfied or do you simply move to procuring another object to temporarily fill the void.  Do you feel bigger and more important or do you quickly realize that you have remained the same and seek a new way to bolster your ego.

Financial Success

Of our pursuit of financial success and material things King Solomon the wise said “Vanity of vanities- all is vanity.”

“Vanity” is the desire for the glories of this world; but what is outside a person can have no real value for him.

One thing we must realize is that the concept of “possessing”  or “owning” property can often be very misleading.  My property is not my own in the same sense as my arms and legs or my thoughts are my own. No one can ever “own” an outside object so that it becomes united with him and part of him, like his body, let alone his soul.

The concept of ownership must be defined operationally: it means simply that certain objects are to be used by person X and are not to be taken or used by someone else without his permission.

It goes ill with the person who yearns to attach himself to that to which it is not possible to attach oneself.  It is not possible to truly attach yourself to material things.

His desire can never be gratified and he will be left with nothing but pain.

Happy is the person whose desire is to increase the acquisitions of his true self – his soul.

Nothing can prevent him from fulfilling his desire and there is no force in the world that can ever deprive him of such acquisitions.

He is happy and secure in this world.

Spiritual Growth

The pursuit of spiritual growth and development enhances your soul, which in turn enhances the material aspects of your life.

Spiritual pursuits can be as simple as acts of kindness and charity or they can be the more specific acts we learn in Kabbalah that have the effects of creating positive spiritual energy in your life.

You can learn more about the positive spiritual acts needed to create spiritual growth on our website or how to create financial success in our Financial Success and Prosperity Package.

R. Eliyahu Dessler

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