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Feel Stuck? Feel Blocked? Find Guidance and Solutions

It says that the place and time that a person is at in life that is where his most important work is.

Every person has a unique job where he is standing that nobody else only he was placed to fulfill the purpose.

Many people tell us that they “feel stuck”, they “feel blocked”, they are “need guidance”, they are “in a rut”.  People who are suffering day to day and don’t know how to get out of it.  Asking for questions and solutions to break away from where they are in their life.

They also often assure that they are good people and why do they deserve such suffering..  A refrain we hear often,  “Why do bad things happen to good people”?  The truth is that bad things happen to everyone, not just good people. And good things also happen to everyone, bad people and good people.   Sometimes, you cannot see the justice in the world immediately for a reason; because G-d does not want you to see it.

If I asked you to risk your life to save 100 people, would you do it?  You would do it happily because your life is nothing compared to that of 100 people. You would be happy to do it.  Who wouldn’t do it.  It wouldn’t be a test or suffering. This is because you know its worth it, so you would do it happily.

You are not suffering because things are not going right, you are suffering because that is what G-d is giving you so you can overcome and get his reward.  If you saw the reward there would be no test.  It would be obvious.  All of us would be righteous and not get angry, yell, cheat, be sad or upset. We would all be good people.  If you saw what you are doing was worth, you would go through it all very happily.

Where is The Purpose?

The purpose of the world is to work, you are going to work while you are here, some of it will be very challenging, sometimes will be uncomfortable and unknown.  The question is what you are going to work on and how you are going to respond to it.

The reason you don’t take the suffering well and get angry and get depressed, is because you don’t understand the value of everything that you are going through.  That G-d is watching you and on every good thing and every test that you go through and you get through and even stay happy or do good is a triumph, and on this you get a reward in this world and the next.

This is your purpose, whatever difficulty G-d has given you to deal with, this is your test.  What is in front of you and in your life now is your test. You just need to work on what is in front of you, staying standing, maintaining and advancing.

But the reward is not obvious so that it will be a real test for you.  So you will be unsure why you are suffering and if it is real suffering.  You always have inside you the good and the bad voice.   When you are unsure what is happening its a real choice for you to listen to the good voice of connecting or the bad voice of separating.

The good voice that tells you that it all has a purpose, that G-d is watching you and cares about you; that thankfully G-d has given you health and food to eat and a place to sleep so you should be happy and grateful for that; that you should pray and thank G-d for all he has given you and acknowledge his presence in your life.

Then there is the other voice that says, why do you think you should succeed, look what you did and how you messed up, many people thought that they could and they didn’t, you don’t deserve it, you just deserve to suffer, why should you succeed; there is no G-d watching you or helping you; he doesn’t care about you, look what he is making you suffer through.

The main goal of this negative voice is to make sure that you do not connect to and reach out to G-d. This negative force is not able to cause your prayers NOT to be answered so he tries to make sure that you don’t pray, and you don’t connect to G-d and you don’t try so you will continue to suffer.

But you have the free choice to listen to him or not and decide how you want to frame your “suffering.”

Instead we are always complaining; we have iPhone’s and computers, we go to the supermarket and can buy good food, the coffee that we like and we buy clothes and watches and shoes, and we are still complaining or find new things to complain about once we finished with the things we were complaining about before.

The truth is we are O.K. something is good in your life – however, sometimes it is more challenging than before and this can be a sign.

Feel Stuck or Feel Blocked and Need Guidance ?

There are certain people that feel that things are stuck for them for a very long time and not in their favor at all. We talk with people like that all the time.

For years they are trying to achieve or break away from a difficulty but still obstacles come, sometimes from people, sometimes even from close people like family, marriage relationships, and sometimes randomly without any reason.   Injuries, health issues, recovery requiring long term healing processes and life changes etc..

Those things happen for a reason and require attention.  It’s like a red flag or a red light in the dashboard of your car, a signal of a life warning.  Pay attention, something requires a repair or maintenance and you should stop and get advice and guidance how to handle it so you can continue safely.

If you feel in any way that you are in that category that you are stuck, feel that things are blocked for you in certain areas of your life or just had an occasion, once or more than once that caused you aggravation, please contact us and describe it and we will try to see how we can find a solution, remedy and help.

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