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Fear and Worry? Happiness is Found in Faith

We know many people that have depression, persistent fears and worries that causes them to be upset and depressed and constantly concerned over what is going to happen to them, they fear death, they fear poverty, they fear being sick, they fear being alone and on and on..

They cry and are depressed over all the seemingly bad things that have happened to them in life. Complaining constantly about everything in their life.

These are people that may say that they believe in God but the depression and the crying shows that they lack faith and trust in God.

Letting go of Depression, Fear and Worry

There is a story about a guy that would walk around for many years carrying a very heavy suitcase.

He would go to the store, to the doctor, to weddings, everywhere dragging this heavy suitcase.

They ask him why he is carrying this suitcase, he says he doesn’t know that’s how it is.

What’s inside? He doesn’t know.

So why don’t you just let it go? He doesn’t know.

Open it so we can see what’s inside. No, he doesn’t want to touch it.

He is walking around all the time and complaining and crying because he has to carry around this suitcase.

So a friend of the man finally says to him look, you are afraid to open the suitcase then I will open it, O.K.

So he opens the suitcase and they both see that its full of large stones.

After the man sees that it’s all stones, is there any reason for him to continue carrying this suitcase around? No, of course not.

When you are living with fears and complaints and sadness in your mind you are walking around with a suitcase full of stones for no reason.

Every day with your imagination and your new worries and fears you are adding stones for you to carry around and further burden yourself and push yourself into depression and despair.

Why are you carrying this? Look at what you are carrying around? Nonsense, imagination, it’s not reality.

For how many years are you living with fears and constant worry?

Did the fear and worry kill you? No

Did any of these fears and worries actually occur? No

So what are you carrying? Stones

Its all in your imagination.

Did anything ever come from these fears and worries? No.

They are not real.

Let them go.

Another question; what is your biggest fear and worry?

That you will die?

How many times can you die? Only once.

Is there anyone that will not die? No, everyone will die.

You too? Yes.

So if you need to die one day; only once, why do you die every day? Everyone dies only one time, but you are dying every day anew.

Die just the one time and enjoy your life in the meantime.

Spiritual Solutions: Changing the Script 

So what do you do to change?

From today when you start to worry and get fears and get down, you laugh at this negative spiritual energy, this devil coming towards you.

You smile and you say no, no more. Don’t let it in.

You say to him; you think I am going to continue to carry your suitcase? Find someone else.

I was afraid and depressed for years and in the end nothing happened. I know I will die, when God wants he will take me whether I want to go or not, until then go away and let me enjoy my life.

Where is the problem? In your head, not in your life.

The words of the scripture are the reality of God, they are a thing of God, it is a promise of God, it is truth, it doesn’t change.

If we had faith and trust in the words of God in the scripture we would be happy and satisfied.

This is the difference between people that believe in the faith and the scripture and live by it and those that know them but don’t live by them.

You have to live according to the word of God; you have to live your faith to feel the blessing.

It says in scripture that what happens to you is sent directly by God for your good.  Good only, never bad.  Make a choice to believe it.

Smile and believe that its all for your benefit even if you can’t understand how or why.  God is infinitely smarter than us, we just have to trust him.

If you believe in God and have faith and you believe the scripture then there is nothing to fear or be upset about.

It is about having faith, living your faith and trusting God that whatever he sends you is never going to be for your destruction, only for your benefit.

Find the happiness it in and live your life with joy.

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