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Evil Eye: Evil Eye Remedies

Many people don’t even believe there is such a thing as the evil eye, but evil eye is a spiritual force that can hurt and damage person’s life, belonging sand property.

It is said of Sarah, Abraham’s wife, that when her maidservant Hagar was pregnant, Sarah sent her the evil eye and Hagar had a miscarriage.  They also say that when Abraham sent Hagar and Ishmael away, Sarah looked at Ishmael in a certain way and he got sick.

Sarah was an exceptionally good and righteous women, she and Abraham were always giving to others and doing good deeds.  So how could such a good G-d fearing women give the evil eye?

They say that G-d loves the righteous and good people and he respects the way they look at things and will grant their wishes. Good and bad.

This is why a blessing from a righteous person can mean a lot and can change your life for good.  But a bad look from a righteous person can also do a lot of damage.

Sarah liked Hagar, it’s not that she hated her, but she did not like the way Hagar acted when she got pregnant.

Hagar acted very entitled and was even making fun of Sarah, that she has not yet been able to have a child.  So Sarah did not like the way Hagar was acting and she looked at her in this negative way and G-d fulfilled her intent and caused Hagar to miscarry.

Also, in the bible, when Jacob is blessing his son Joseph, he blesses him that Joseph and his descendants will not need to be afraid from the evil eye.

This is very unusual because after all Joseph had a lot of amazing qualities that others might be jealous of; he was incredibly good looking, he was very successful – he became chancellor of all of Egypt, he had an amazing wife and good children etc.

Why does he not have to worry about the effects of others being jealous and thinking or saying bad thoughts about him and creating bad luck and evil eye upon him?  The next blessing that Jacob gives him is that he will be like the fishes, this is meant in two ways:

  • He will multiply like the fishes and have many descendants.
  • He will be like the fish that are underwater and cannot be seen by those outside who may wish to do harm.

This is why you will often see amulets to protect from the evil eye in the shape of fishes with a blue eye to ward off the evil eye.  (These types of amulets are generally just decorative and do not have any affect to ward off the evil eye).

Evil Eye in Action

What a person says and does and even how he looks at you can damage a person greatly.  They don’t have to curse you or do black magic, even a look of hatred can cause a lot of destruction.

The eye is like a camera.  If you take a bad picture it’s not the camera’s fault.  Its is not the eye that is doing anything, it is the person, his thoughts and feeling, emotions and intentions that are going into the look and influences what he  is looking at.

Usually the more sensitive a person is the more meaningful his sight and his looking is, it can either damage or improve certain things.  It’s not the eye itself but the way he sees things.

Usually when one person looks at another, he is scanning him and sort of checking him out, to see what his situation is.  If the person looks like he is having a hard time, is suffering or is under some difficulty.

Usually a person will have some sympathy and will feel that he wants to be kind to him or help him.  But if he is looking at him and he hates him, then he will be happy, he will feel good and think how to add to his suffering.

The opposite can also be, if he is looking at someone that he doesn’t like and he sees that person succeeds, this look arouses emotion in him, jealousy, anger, hatred, and this can damage the success of that person- it can even nullify the success of that person.  This is the evil eye.

Protect Yourself from Negativity & Jealousy 

Certain people are always looking negatively and jealously at you, what you have and how you got it. These are the people who often, even unknowingly give the evil eye.

Two things can help you avoid the evil eye:

  • Be Humble. Do not flaunt yourself, your property or your success.

This is often difficult because modern culture so much covets material things and you are usually very happy to get new things so you are proud and want to show your friends and family, and you may hold your head high because you have something new.  But this is not advisable, you never know who is watching, who is looking and how they are looking or thinking about you.  So be humble.

  • Stay Away From Negative and Jealous People or People You Know Do Not Like You.

There may be certain people in your job or school or in your group of friends that you know is always keeping score, checking out what others have and they are always trying to top them and to seek honor.  Or there may be certain people that you know hate you or dislike you and do not wish you well.

These are people not to get too close to,  don’t invite them into your house, don’t try to be nice to them or impress them, don’t associate with them. Keep away from these people so they do not have an opportunity to see what you have or don’t have, or to see your successes.

The ordinary person on the street does not relate his life challenges to a potential evil eye cause.  Maybe when you read this article it might remind you of occasions and people that are jealous of you and not in your favor.  Evil eye is very common and most of the time is easy to block and get rid of if you know how (and not by a red string).  Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the evil eye.

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