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What is the Evil Eye According to Kabbalah?

God is the source that creates and influences the world and each person. Every individual is connected to the root source, some more and some less.  As life goes by a person develops a screen that reduces or even blocks the light and can eliminate or prevent positive energy and abundance from flowing into his or her life.

As a result,  negativity leeches on to us and sucks up all the livelihood from what is holy to the point that the negativity take over so we become depressed, we fail, we make mistakes, and worst of all we attract negative people into our life.

Our help seeks to awaken special energy connectors to create a flow of energy from the divine into your life to change your life situation.   Just as the blockage is created by real world material changes, the blockage can be released and a greater connection to the source restored by material actions.

Our work is to help you implement practical actions and solutions that will infuse positive spiritual energy from a higher level to reduce and release the blockage, to resolve a problem or to allow you to receive a blessing and open the gate to positive spiritual influences.

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