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Do Our Prayers Really Matter?

Yes, your prayers really matter.

Everything starts with your thoughts.  Thought, Speech and Action.

A person based on his thoughts, speech and action can pull things down from the upper spiritual worlds.

It is true that everything that happens to you is from God but we are the ones that begin it.

On account of spiritual action on the lower level, that is spiritual actions by us in our world, we pull down blessing from above.

Because everything is from God except the fear and longing for God.

Everything having to do with fear and longing for God is dependent on us.

Our prayers down here are what instigate his blessing from above coming down to us.

If we have the spiritual merit things will happen according to our good thoughts.

If we do not have the spiritual merit good things can be delayed or not come at all.

Sometimes our wishes may not be granted at all because God thinks that what we are asking for is not good for us.

God only does things that are good, meaning things that are good for you.  He will never do something that will turn out bad for you.

So even though you think what you ask for will be good for you, God may not grant your wishes because he knows it will not be good for you.

You may think you want something and then later find out that it ended up not being good for you.

God does only good if he does not do what you wish you have to keep praying because it may just be delayed or need a certain number of prayers and spiritual actions on your behalf in order to happen.

Sometimes we need to accept that God does not think it is the best thing for us and move on.

Sometimes just accepting God’s will in happiness will prompt a great blessing form above, because you have acknowledged and accepted his will and his love.


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