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Disease Solutions & Remedies – The Spiritual and Natural Medicine Approach

As we learn in natural medicine if a person puts in his body things that are not good it turns into disease.

The motarot, psollet, the poisons itself becomes disease. What is a disease? A disease is essentially the way that the body removes the poisons from itself.

Disease is to be chemla. God chomel on the person. Chomel and mochel are the same letters. What does it mean that this is essentially the way for the body to be rid of the poisons and the sollet that the person put in.

The fact that its not comfortable for the person when it happens, o.k. its poisons.  Your not trying to release honey out now. Its poison.  Poison can be acid it can burn, it can burn the kidneys.  It can do damage.

But its a damage that is only in a particular place that you take into account and the poisons will eventually be out and that there was disease was a good thing. Its a good thing.  A person who learns this way about disease he reaches a place of hashgacha pratit when it comes to health.

When he sees that everything God does is for good.  We just need to understand how it is for good.

A person that wants to live in freedom (ben chorin), he needs to be very strong in his faith that everything is good.  Everything is good, really. And to believe in it because in religion it is hard to get to this place.

In medicine whomever learns can get there and whoever doesn’t learn doesn’t get there. So you have to strengthen yourself in faith a lot that whatever God does to you, it is all for my good really.  Because it is hard to see it.  They have eyes but do not see.  We have eyes but we do not see.

How do we see. Man is an egoist and he is concentrated on his own comfort. Everything that bothers his comfort is not good and everything that increases his comfort is good.  But this is folly. Its not correct.

So you have to look at it from God’s perspective that he maintains us all the time.  So if there is psollet, you have to take it out. This is part of Latour/Beit Yosef from the blessing “doctor of all flesh and maflee lassot”.

What is a doctor.  The doctor is that a person eats things and there is in them sollet.  God separates it from the body.  If it was not separated it would become part of the body and you will die.

So this is the role of a doctor, removing the psollet from the body so he will not die.

What is maflee laasot, its the wonder that he is able to differentiate between the good and the bad. There is a differentiation.  It takes only the bad and removes it out.

This is a great wonder. We are used to it.  We eat and we go to the bathroom and everything is ok.  But when you really look into it, it is a wonder. What is a wonder? A wonder is something you cannot achieve.  Its just going to the bathroom, but we need to learn.

You go to the bathroom, its an amazing system that removes the waste/psollet out of the body all the time. How does this happen?  Its a great wonder.  This is the explanation of the hallacha of what a doctor is.  He removes the psollet out.  Because if you don’t the sollet mztaberet and becomes disease, and the disease needs to be removed.  If theres to much psollet then the body cannot take it and removes it all at once and it has to damage the body to do it and he person suffers.  This is a real leader to see what happens in nature. The source of everything is what.

Where does the psollet come from?  A person takes something that he should not have or he took something he should have but too much.

The Rambam says even if I eat the best things I am supposed to eat but a lot, I will create psollet in my body. Or if you eat things that are not good. It creates disease.  Or a person eats things that are very very sweet and he finds it very tasty. Why?  The body is used to a little, it cannot do anything with so much.

The sweet that God meant for us to eat is very little, and closed inside dates and figs, its in nature.

But when you take it very concentrated.  It shows the culture of the time, that we want a lot in a small amount of time.  This is disease.  Coke is disease. Why?  Because its so many bad chemicals in a small glass. The body cannot handle them so they become psollet. Its real poison. Its tasty but it kills. It makes diseases.

Disease is God’s mercy that the body can remove it.

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