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Difficult Time Getting Pregnant, Don’t Give Up.

Many women have a difficult time getting pregnant.  Some women try everything from diets to in vitro procedures with many disappointments.  Some couples are even under the doctor’s category of unexplained as everything looks fine in exams and physically there is no problem yet still for some unknown reason they have difficulty conceiving.

In many cases, the men and women require continuous effort and treatments  and have a hard time to continue in these treatments and cannot take it emotionally and have lost hope.

We hear about so many women where doctors told them they have no chance to get pregnant and they still end up having a child, and more than one.

Doctors have only the vision to see his eyes reality only, but there is somebody above him that has no limits and there are endless examples of patients defying doctor’s prognosis’ and not only in the area of fertility.

The spiritual conditions of the women or the man are  more important than the condition of the physical vessel as the entire process of having a baby is a miracle by G-d.

There are certain mystical and spiritual rules that a person needs to have included in their life that make whatever is not causing fertilization to all of a sudden create fertilization and even above nature. Remember that the blessing for pregnancy comes from G-d only.

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