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Depression, Anxiety and Fear Can Cause Physical Illness

In natural medicine the body and the soul are treated as one, the body needs to be healthy and the soul needs to be healthy.

If the soul is dealing every day with stress, fear, anxiety and depressive thoughts it will affect the function of the body; you will feel weak, tired etc.

If the body is dealing with a physical illness your soul will be affected, you will be sad, have depressive thoughts etc..

There is in spiritual healing two main components that need to be in place and working effectively in order to be healthy:

  • The Physical Component: the body needs to be able to clean itself, meaning it needs to be able to effectively separate and remove toxins from the body.
  • The Spiritual Component: the body needs the soul to have spiritual energy to provide to the body for it to do this work.

Spiritual Healing: Removal of Waste and Toxins from the Body

Your body needs to be able to separate and remove the waste and toxins from the body.

Physical illness is toxins that have built up in your body.

To remove waste and toxins from the body is essentially the body’s healing process.

When the body is able to remove toxins as its supposed to a person will be healthy.

When the body’s arteries and functions are clean and functioning the person is healthy and won’t need medicine or doctor’s.

Spiritual Healing: Spiritual Energy To Fuel the Body’s Processes

In order for this waste removal processes to function well the body needs to have spiritual energy.

What is spiritual energy?

Spiritual energy is happiness, its motivation, its a healthy soul; a healthy soul is able to do what it needs to do with happiness.

If a person has negative feelings, like fear and worry, its like he has a leak, a spiritual energy leak.

Even if he is not directly focused on the fears all the time but he always has it in the back of his mind.   of what’s going to happen financially, what’s going to happen politically, what if I can’t work anymore, what if..what if..

All these “what if’s” leech out your spiritual energy.

Most of the tiredness and weakness of people is caused by a lack of trust and faith in what will happen tomorrow.

Fear about bad things that they imagine could happen.

This lack of spiritual energy causes the body to be weak and to have difficulty in its processes.

Lack of Spiritual Energy Leads to Weakness of the Body Leads to Physical Illness

What happens when a person is fearful?  Even doctor’s will tell you that there is a connection between depression, fear, sadness and the ability to overcome a physical illness.

Physical illness is caused by weakness in the body, what is the number one cause of weakness in the body?

Lack of spiritual energy caused by negative emotions, sadness, anxiety, depression, fear, anger, jealousy etc.

Think if a person was just sitting down for a meal and all of a sudden the phone rings and someone gave him some terrible news.

Can he then sit down and continue to eat? No, his appetite is gone, his body is shut down in a way, it doesn’t want to start processing things, he may even have to go lie down.

This is the effect your emotions can have on your physical body, it can weaken it and cause the processes to slow and function poorly.

Holistic Healing for Physical Ailments

The solution can be very complex when dealing with emotional difficulties.

When you are dealing with the soul you need to create a situation where the person will be happy regardless of his or her circumstances.

This is really a life’s work, but sometimes you can bring yourself to the point where you can identify at least the one or two things in your life that  are causing you emotional pain.

This could be the root of any physical problems you have, and if you work on this spiritual problem your spiritual energy will improve and then your body will be able to begin to heal your physical ailments.

For more information on spiritual healing you can read about our health remedies.

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