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Dating and Relationship – How do I know if He or She is the Right One?

How do I know if He or She is my Soulmate?

Many people that use our Find Your Soulmate Application find themselves meeting someone pretty soon after they start doing the spiritual applications.  Usually the person they meet is clearly very interested in them, which is sometimes surprising or confusing and they ask us how to know if this person is really their soulmate.

It is so hard to know for sure if you should say yes. If this is the husband or wife that will make you happy for years to come. Some people always have doubts. If they chose to go left, why didn’t I go right? If they went right, why didn’t I go left?

First and foremost, if you have doubts that is not good. Your soul and inner feelings should know that he or she is the right one.

But more than that a real secret is, if you return from your dates feeling happy-this is a sign that he or she is the right one. If you feel nervous, tired or worried, this is not a good sign. So pay attention to your genuine feelings, did he or she lift you up or bring you down.

Also, are you waiting in anticipation for the next call or meeting or do you feel like he or she is bothering you? Do you want to keep talking to this person and not feel the time fly by or are you counting every minute?

A more logical point, as a married couple you need to speak to each other a lot and have great communication, so it is important that you feel you have someone you can really talk to that understands you and is on the same level.

If you have a much higher education than your date and there are a lot of things he or she will not understand the way you do or if you have fundamental interests that your date would not want to hear about or understand then you may not be a good match.

This is the old maxim “you cannot change someone.” You have to have common interests that you can discuss in the home and share together.

These are the things you need to look at more than what the person looks like on the outside. Its not enough just an attractive person.

If you feel that you are both on the same level, that you are similar, that you are happy and excited to go out with them, and together you feel happiness then this is the right path for you to move forward and build your home together.

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