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Create Your Ultimate Environment; With Your Family, Friends And At Work

Every person is a creation and a small creator on his own.  In this world of creation every creation expands out from the creator in the shape of the creator’s internal side.  This is a strong rule in every creation in nature, including in man.

For instance, a dishonest person, when he meets and deals with other people or situations, he will always respond in a way that is consistent with his internal mindset.  Even when he deals with an honest person, he still will think and react with dishonesty because the external comes from the internal and what he is made of internally is exposed externally to his surroundings.

So the internal creates the external.  An internally good person will create an external environment of peace and harmony.

So who and what makes a person internally negative as opposed to another person whose internally positive (good or evil).   More than that, every person is born as a child and what are the resources a child receives in order to be wicked or righteous?  And when does it start?

Our sages say that the point in time that a baby starts to absorb good or bad is when the baby is in his mother’s womb.

The mother’s reaction, the home environment, and the connection and relationship between the parents influence the child when he is in his mother’s womb as all the surrounding energies like voices, taste, smells and emotions, both good or bad, are influencing the spirit of the child.  Like with food he receives waves of spiritual understanding that build his feelings and mental affirmations of right and wrong, good and bad, straight and crooked, worthy or not worthy.

For instance a baby that is growing in the womb of a mother that carries him in a stressful work environment with high strung voices is broadcasting to the child that this environment is the normal environment of the outside world and that is the type of environment he needs to get used to.  So the spirit of the child prepares and adjusts itself physically and mentally to this type of environment and situations.

This description is an exact parallel to unrecommended materials that a mom should not take while she is pregnant like, alcohol, cigarettes and drugs that influence the material side of the body like the nerve system that becomes accustomed to these materials in the womb and the baby is often born addicted to these materials and craves them.  So in the spiritual side, an unhealthy outside environment can become familiar to the child and he will thereafter crave it.

The second stage is the child’s environment at home.  The parents and the surrounding environment are critical to building the right feelings and understanding of what a good life looks like.

When a child receives input that a lie from one of the parents is OK, he understands that it’s normal behavior to lie.  On the other hand if the parents succeed create an atmosphere of peace and harmony that is the environment of heaven that will influence their children and their behavior and interaction with the world for their entire life and their children’s life.

Let’s go back to the initial point that every creation came to this world to be a creator and the way that he was internally built dramatically influences the shape of his creation.

So what if a person as a small creator is ruined or broken? Are there options to repair?

We know that there is a rule that as long as the candle is lit there is still an option to repair.  The candle is the soul of the person (the word candle in Kabbalistic numerology is equal to the word soul in hebrew).  As long as the person lives with his light on he still has the opportunity to live and repair the past and to be and re-create himself as what he desires to be.

On a practical level a man has internal feelings and knows inside if he needs to change or not.  Most people continue their life in a flow not knowing or acknowledging that they are living on the wrong side until the point when they are stopped by an obstacle.  As a first step they may understand that something is wrong and they are facing a problem that there internal being does not know how to deal with and cannot find an answer or a solution.  Then they try to seek an answer and solution.

Sometimes it takes five, ten or twenty years until a person gets the understanding that the way he has done things was wrong and he needs to find a new direction and to seek answers.

When you get the recognition that a change must be made, the second part is to find the right way to go and the right solution.  The change and the solution can never ever come from within because your inside can create only more of what it knows from the past and cannot create something different.  That was good for the past, but is irrelevant to your future.  So a new change, a new direction, a new answer and a new solution, must always come from the external from the outside.

External help and access to new external resources will change the old internal balance and create a new mindset and understanding.  As a result the creator imparts his influence onto the world with new creations that have the positive direction that he needed to thrive.

Check your true internal state, what type of environment where you created in and most important what type of daily creations do you create in your environment; with your family, friends at work, etc.  Improving a person’s values and qualities is the recipe to create a circle of a harmonious life.


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