Private Counseling

We are committed to serving clients with creative solutions and thoughtful attention.

If you need a better way to solve unique problems; outside of the ordinary ways known, we provide private one on one consultations to discuss your issues and concerns. We listen and learn about your needs and seek to provide you with the best practical advice to help you overcome your obstacles and succeed.

We work closely with you to find answers and provide you with practical guidelines, not theory.

We will provide you with specific solutions that will be unique for you and your issue.  You will be able to implement some of our advice on your own and we will help and implement the necessary actions needed from our end.

Our Help & Advice

Our spiritual solutions/remedies and guidance are based on practical Kabbalah wisdom studied intensely for 24 years and from our practical experience to help many people with a host of different problems in our local practice. We have helped people overcome life challenges, recover and remedy their problems or find success.

The Private Counseling Process

The counseling session is conducted by email. We read every word and ask the appropriate questions until we fully understated your needs and are confident that we can advise you on the matter. We will offer you practical advice and solutions. We will guide you with implementation providing the necessary support and conduct implementation on our end.

Your name, date of birth and your request are examined and a personalized spiritual solution will be created in accordance with kabbalistic principles to address your particular issue or wish and we will advise and guide you on how to implement the solutions. You mark the date and then report to us regarding the results.

We are committed to serving clients with creative solutions and thoughtful attention.