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Connecting to The Spiritual World

Many people believe there is a spiritual component to our world but the only way they know to connect to it is to get to the point of having an out of body experience through meditation, chanting  or even mind altering substances.

In Kabbalah meditation and prayer are known ways to connect to the spiritual world but they are not the only way and perhaps not even the primary way.

We learn in Kabbalah that everything we do in this world has effects in the spiritual world.

Every act that you do, not just meditation and prayer, is a connection to the spiritual world and affects both the spiritual world and your world.

The real question is what effect your actions have on the spiritual world; are you creating good or bad effects.

Your Connection to the Spiritual World

There are two channels in the upper worlds; the Channel of Purity and the Channel of Impurity.

You have the choice to connect yourself to the Channel of Purity or the  Channel of Impurity.

Your soul is a holy entity connected to the Channel of Purity.  Your soul is too holy to exist and function in this world on its own.  In order to exist in this world it must be dressed in garments of this world.

Your body and your thoughts and emotions are the garments of your soul.

Your soul is inside your body and is existing in this world and interacting with this world through your body and thoughts, sort of like a puppet.

The garments you are dressed in are of this world, which is impure, so it is connected to the Channel of Impurity.

You are able to connect to both the pure and impure channels through your thoughts and emotions.

Consciously controlling your thoughts and emotions so that they connect more to the channel of purity than the channel of impurity is part of your purpose in this world.

It is part of your purpose because the only way the channel of purity can function in this world is through you; if you let it in.

G-d gets a certain pleasure from being let into this world and part of the reason he made you is so you can come here and let him in.

Controlling your thoughts and emotions to connect to the positive spiritual channel rather than the negative is also good for you because it means that your subsequent speech and actions will be in line with and in harmony with the positive spiritual channels in the world.

And of course, the positive spiritual channels in this world is where the blessing and the peace and the happiness are, and these connections will become part of your life.

How to Connect to The Channel of Purity and Positive Spiritual Energy

Connecting to the positive is certainly not a simple task.

Your instinctual inclinations and your initial thoughts very often come from the impure place and need to be consciously brushed aside and disregarded.

In our world itself we are confronted with impure things constantly on a daily basis and we need to train ourselves not to look at them and not to dwell on them, which can be very hard when it is constantly in your face and can feel good and bring momentary happiness.

The farther you get from the material and physical joys of this world the less tempting they are and the closer you are to the spiritual world.

This is part of the reason why orthodox Jews wear a sort of uniform, and eat only kosher food, and do not watch television.  By limiting their choices in this world they are less tempted and this makes it easier for them to stay connected to the positive spiritual channels.

It is very hard. G-d knows how hard it is, and he know that you will fail sometimes, or you will fail a lot of the time. He accepts it. You will fail nine times.  But the tenth time you will get up and you will do it.  And when you do; that one time when you do after failing nine times, its like a party in heaven.

It may be hard to imagine it but this is part of your purpose here and the positive spiritual energies are rooting for you.  They know everything you are doing and are incredibly happy when they get to be close to you because your actions now allow it.

The one time you decide not to indulge in those thoughts of depression and remind yourself of how grateful you are for all the good things in your life your connecting to the positive spiritual energies.

The one time you decide to act on those thoughts of giving charity to those in need in your community you are connecting to the positive spiritual energies.

The one time you decide to turn off that R rated movie and instead go for a walk in the woods to meditate or pray you are connecting to the positive spiritual energies.

The one time you decide not to lie or cheat or say something bad about someone else you are connecting to the positive spiritual energies.

This is how you get into the flow.  Stop, think, try to do better.  Every day!



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