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Can Spiritual Actions Create Change In My Life?

Most people think the  things that happen to them are “coincidence”, “random” or only because of their mistaken actions.

We have been learning and practicing a spiritual life and providing Kabbalah remedies long enough to be able to say very clearly that nothing is random, the spiritual world exists and it is very active in your life. Whether you acknowledge it or not, you can connect to it and cause a change in your life.

We have practiced and provided advice for over two decades using this is old fashioned wisdom. We work on influencing and transforming spiritually directed actions into physical creation in the physical world, creating a change in a person’s physical life.

The marks, the signs, the size, the time, the shape, the frequency, the type, how many times, how long, how often, when, which day of the month, and where and which place.  We know how to use those things that are physical objects such as an amulet or talisman, blessings, actions, writings and prayers, praying certain prayers to create change in physical life.

It’s much more complicated than, black and white you do this action you get your wish.  But you will get some benefit and at least you made your maximum effort in a spiritual way to attract it and maybe its not for you or its not for you right now.   Most of the time we see people get it, or at least 50% of the time and really that’s a lot.  So its definitely something to try, especially when those things cannot be accomplished within the “ordinary systems” of the world.

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