I Bought Talismans Elsewhere and I don’t Feel That its Working for me

A client Question: Hello, I just attached 2 copies of an amulet that was made for me last year by a different person.I didnt feel as if the item really worked for me ,but i would like a second opinion from someone more knowledgeable than myself. Could you tell me if the item is good or not so good etc? Any an all feedback would be appreciated.I look forward to your response!

Good Luck or Bad Luck; Is there such a Thing as Luck?

In our modern world when most people talk about having good luck or bad luck they are referring to something that is outside the normal parameters of creation. The person’s natural state of being is somehow altered by something positive or negative that is outside of nature and colors the person’s life for good or bad. To say that there is something that is outside the realm of creation,  would mean that there

Paranormal Activity and Ghosts: According to Kabbalah are they Real?

Kabbalah teaches about God’s creations and Ghosts or paranormal activity is part of God’s creation. God’s creations in this world for the most part are spiritual components that are hidden within material or physical components. Even a rock consists of a spiritual component and a physical component. However, there are some creations in this world that are purely spiritual creations without a physical component. These creations are what we would refer to

Spiritual Marriage Counseling: It’s About Expectations

Many couples are in marriage counseling today because they each have a lot of complaints about each other; they are annoying each other, they are always arguing etc.  There is no harmony. This did not start today or yesterday, this is since the snake got between Adam and Eve; since then there is difficulties between husband and wife. Adam complained to God that he did not have a mate.  God brought all the

Meditation, Prayer & Spiritual Actions: Connecting to God in Thought, Speech & Action

Meditation, prayer and spiritual actions are incredibly powerful tools for connecting to God.  When you connect to God you strengthen and center the the spiritual core of your being, boost your spiritual energy and empower your life with the goodness from the spiritual level of the world. There are three core ways to connect to God that correspond to God creation of the world:  God’s thought, God’s words and God’s action. Meditation:

Fear and Worry? Happiness is Found in Faith

We know many people that have depression, persistent fears and worries that causes them to be upset and depressed and constantly concerned over what is going to happen to them, they fear death, they fear poverty, they fear being sick, they fear being alone and on and on.. They cry and are depressed over all the seemingly bad things that have happened to them in life. Complaining constantly about everything in their

Depression, Anxiety and Fear Can Cause Physical Illness

In natural medicine the body and the soul are treated as one, the body needs to be healthy and the soul needs to be healthy. If the soul is dealing every day with stress, fear, anxiety and depressive thoughts it will affect the function of the body; you will feel weak, tired etc. If the body is dealing with a physical illness your soul will be affected, you will be sad, have depressive

Do Our Prayers Really Matter?

Yes, your prayers really matter. Everything starts with your thoughts.  Thought, Speech and Action. A person based on his thoughts, speech and action can pull things down from the upper spiritual worlds. It is true that everything that happens to you is from God but we are the ones that begin it. On account of spiritual action on the lower level, that is spiritual actions by us in our world, we pull