What is the Evil Eye According to Kabbalah?

God is the source that creates and influences the world and each person. Every individual is connected to the root source, some more and some less.  As life goes by a person develops a screen that reduces or even blocks the light and can eliminate or prevent positive energy and abundance from flowing into his or her life. As a result,  negativity leeches on to us and sucks up all the livelihood from

Is Kabbala Black Magic?

Anything that G-d creates is for good, it is good now or it serves the ultimate purpose and so it is good. G-d did not create impure forces but he allows them to exist. How is that. He created man, which is a being that is not perfect. In genesis after the recitation each day of what G-d created that day it says ” and G-d saw that it was good.” Each

Can Spiritual Actions Create Change In My Life?

Most people think the  things that happen to them are “coincidence”, “random” or only because of their mistaken actions. We have been learning and practicing a spiritual life and providing Kabbalah remedies long enough to be able to say very clearly that nothing is random, the spiritual world exists and it is very active in your life. Whether you acknowledge it or not, you can connect to it and cause a change in

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