Dating & Relationships: Recognizing Toxic People

In dating and relationships it can be hard to recognize toxic people. One way to do it is to try and determine whether inside they are a giver or a taker. The Toxic Person – The Taker There is a type of person who takes and only lets people take from him when he has no choice. This is the one possessed by the power of taking. His taking arises from self-love;

Money & Business – Financial Success or Spiritual Growth

Money, business, wealth, is what we spend most of our days trying to achieve.  Usually this desire stems from an internal need to fill the void we feel in ourselves or to make ourselves bigger and more important. But once achieved, does it really do those things?  Is the void filled and you feel satisfied or do you simply move to procuring another object to temporarily fill the void.  Do you feel

Money & Business – Why Wealth Doesn’t Buy Happiness

Money, business, wealth, these are the markers of success in our society.  Everyone is looking for easy ways to make lots of money.  Everyone admires the ambitious person. People do their best to educate their children to be full of ambition and “drive.” It has even been said that ambition is life itself.  But is this correct? The Drive For Wealth and Material Things Ambition is hunger. A hungry person craves food and an ambitious person craves

Dating, Marriage & Soulmates – Maintaining Love & Affection

In marriage and relationships it can sometimes be a challenge to maintain the love you had at the start.  The love and affection which often prevail between man and wife are something remarkable in human psychology. Love in Marriage and Dating Relationships At first glance we might think that this love has no true personal content. Perhaps it is merely something implanted in us by the Creator as part of His deep-laid plan for the maintenance

Dating, Marriage and SoulMates – Strengthening the Bond

How to create love, strengthen marriage and find your soulmate is a very common question we all deal with. We have learned a very powerful principal in that regard: Love flows in the direction of giving. It is said “If you want to keep close to the love of your friend make it your concern to seek his welfare.” Love that Stems from Giving Love of this kind can go very deep

Strive For Truth: Lovingkindness – Giving and Taking

When the Almighty created human beings he made them capable of both giving and taking. The faculty of giving is a sublime power; it is one of the attributes of the blessed Creator of all things. He is the Giver par excellence; His mercy, His bounty and His goodness extend to all His creatures. His giving is pure giving for He takes nothing in return. He can take nothing for He lacks nothing, as

Congratulations! Finally Engaged After Years of Searching

We just received a note from a mom that works with us and started our program for dating/finding your soulmate and getting married eight months ago. Her daughter finally happily got engaged today. We are very happy for the new bride and groom and we thank God for making us good messengers. We are happy to announce that this is the 5th person that, men and women that used our dating/marriage program and

The Physical and the Spiritual Presence – Kabbalah Methods Create Change

The wisdom of Kabbalah is the most ancient of all wisdom. Kabbalah is the hidden knowledge and code that explains the relationship and spirtual operation between physical and the spiritual components. A person’s life (and nurture) operates within a spirtual operating system that influences the physical (and visa versa) to move people and things, including major life events, in perfect order. There is no coincidence, everything that happens in a person’s life

Dating and Relationship – How do I know if He or She is the Right One?

How do I know if He or She is my Soulmate? Many people that use our Find Your Soulmate Application find themselves meeting someone pretty soon after they start doing the spiritual applications.  Usually the person they meet is clearly very interested in them, which is sometimes surprising or confusing and they ask us how to know if this person is really their soulmate. It is so hard to know for sure if