Business Success by Spiritual Methods

We are helping individuals and companies to succeed by spiritual methods, like they cannot ever do on their own. We have been serving people in the last two decades with spiritual solutions to things that usually cannot be solved by ordinary means. In business, like in life, most circumstances, events, time, and connections with new people are not dependent on the knowledge of the person only. There is some luck and spiritual factors that play

Money & Business – Financial Success Through the Spiritual

Money and business success requires recognizing that nature is not the primary force in the universe but a miracle.  The miraculous in the natural has many levels.  We shall describe four of them. Wealth and Business Success Depends on Me- Level One Some consider themselves believers in God but see natural causes as the dominant forces in the universe. They try to control these forces and bend them to their will relying on

Money & Business – The Rules of Financial Success

Money, business and wealth, we spend so much time trying to achieve wealth but it sometimes doesn’t come as fast or as abundant as we would like. There are people who devote excessive time and thought to pondering the natural factors which affect their affairs.  They are given to making longs-term calculations to decide which of a number of factors they should promote to attain a desired goal. Even if their efforts

What is a Miracle?

What is a miracle and what is a part of nature?  Are they not both from God? Many people may find this question naive. Of course everything is from God, they will reply. Nature is simply the law God established at the time of creation, which regulates the processes of this world in accordance with the principle of cause and effect. This is how this world operates, they will tell us.  On rare occasions,

Dating & Relationships: Recognizing Toxic People

In dating and relationships it can be hard to recognize toxic people. One way to do it is to try and determine whether inside they are a giver or a taker. The Toxic Person – The Taker There is a type of person who takes and only lets people take from him when he has no choice. This is the one possessed by the power of taking. His taking arises from self-love;

Money & Business – Financial Success or Spiritual Growth

Money, business, wealth, is what we spend most of our days trying to achieve.  Usually this desire stems from an internal need to fill the void we feel in ourselves or to make ourselves bigger and more important. But once achieved, does it really do those things?  Is the void filled and you feel satisfied or do you simply move to procuring another object to temporarily fill the void.  Do you feel

Money & Business – Why Wealth Doesn’t Buy Happiness

Money, business, wealth, these are the markers of success in our society.  Everyone is looking for easy ways to make lots of money.  Everyone admires the ambitious person. People do their best to educate their children to be full of ambition and “drive.” It has even been said that ambition is life itself.  But is this correct? The Drive For Wealth and Material Things Ambition is hunger. A hungry person craves food and an ambitious person craves

Dating, Marriage & Soulmates – Maintaining Love & Affection

In marriage and relationships it can sometimes be a challenge to maintain the love you had at the start.  The love and affection which often prevail between man and wife are something remarkable in human psychology. Love in Marriage and Dating Relationships At first glance we might think that this love has no true personal content. Perhaps it is merely something implanted in us by the Creator as part of His deep-laid plan for the maintenance