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Black Magic and Witchcraft Spells- Are They Real?

In the world spirituality, there are many different forces and energies that we are not able to see but we can connect to if we know how and we can experience them in our lives in a variety of ways.  Kabbalah is very knowledgeable about all these types of forces both the positive and the negative and they are discussed at length.

The practical Kabbalah is based only on the positive energy and forces only and is intended on doing good and attracting good.

With respect to the negative forces the Kabbalah admits that they exist and that they have power but warns to stay away from them and be careful not to connect to them or use them.

When we talk about the evil forces or evil spirits we are talking about black magic, demons, witchcraft, seances, curses, wicca, voodoo the evil eye, satan all of these belong in the realm of the impure negative forces.

Beyond that, the Kabbalah discusses a variety of ways of dealing with these negative forces and their effects.

How Do We Differentiate Between the Good Forces and The Bad Forces.

The good Godly forces that are pure lead man to his purpose in life, it helps him to build, to grow and it leads him to greater spirituality and knowledge of G-d.  They build and connect and heal and accomplish and enhance the positive.

The negative forces seek to lead you in the wrong direction, they are against G-d.  They were created as the opposite in order to allow man to have free will.

To allow you to choose, but they point you in the wrong direction.  They disconnect, destroy and ruin, they seek to enhance the negative, the sadness, the loneliness, anxiety and distress.  It is not a G-dly force that can create, it can only destroy.

These two forces are not just very different from each other, they compete, they each want you to follow them and listen to their viewpoint and do their will.  They are continuously in competition in this world.

Is Black Magic Still Used Today?

These negative forces are something we don’t see as much of in today’s world as we did in the past, but it does exist.  It is a formidable power that is very powerful when used properly, though thankfully not many people today know how to use real witchcraft or black magic.

At this point it is often mere old wives tales and superstitions that people remember.  Though in many foreign countries that have not changed as dramatically throughout modern history there still does remain people who know how to use these evil black magic forces to do harm.

The Kabbalah warns us that you have to be very careful to stay away from the negative forces, as if you do come into contact with them it is very difficult to get yourself out of.

These forces create a cycle of negativity that once it touches you or your life, a downward spiral begins and it can be very difficult to figure out the source and remove it.

What Does Black Magic and Witchcraft Look Like Today?

Each person has a spiritual coating which protects him.  It is possible sometimes for an individual to have his protective layer of spirituality weakened.

Once that spiritual layer is weakened, things can get through .  A person can become spirituality weakened, and then all sorts of destructive things can penetrate him and cause harm in his life.

The soul continues in this world with a strong connection to the spiritual world, like an umbilical cord.

If that connection is weakened, even if bad things do not come through, he is not able to get all of the blessing and abundance due to him because his connection to the spiritual realm is not strong or is being blocked or screened.

Witchcraft and black magic are dangerous because they can do that, they can sever your connection, damage or weaken it temporarily.  So a person’s destiny could them be put on hold, things don’t work out for them, they are going through a very hard time all of a sudden.

How Do I Protect Myself or Eliminate Black Magic From My Life?

These are very powerful forms of witchcraft that are very difficult to get rid of and you need to seek out professional help.

In Kabbalah there is a very powerful force of “practical kabbalah” or “white magic” that you can use to achieve incredible feats and change nature.  This is the opposite of the negative forces.

In order to properly counter and eliminate the effects of the negative forces of black magic and witchcraft you need to seek out someone knowledgeable in practical Kabbalah as we are, and has the knowledge to understand where the damage to your life comes from and how to get rid of it.

The effects are not permanent it can be cancelled if you know how to do it.  Essentially you need to infuse yourself, your home and your life with the presence of G-d and this will drive out the evil forces, as they cannot exist in the same space.

Creating the right environment to draw Godly blessing to you specifically to drive out evil forces can be done through our Black Magic Protection.

We designed this package and the included guide to give you step by step instructions to eliminate these black magic evil forces and get your life back on track.

The steps are very simple to do and we have had very good results from many clients who have said that they were able to turn their life around using the practical steps described in the guide.

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