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Bad People and Evil in The World

There is two types of evil in the world;

  • There are bad things done by bad people; and
  • There are bad things that approvd by God.

Bad Things Done by Bad People

Evil done by bad people exists because of the existence of man’s free will.  We can choose to do good or bad and some people choose to do bad.

People ask why God does not stop these people from doing bad and allowing evil to exist in his world.  Because then people would not have free will, they would just be God’s puppets, and not have any real choices.

God is interested in what you will choose when presented with the options, he already knows what he would like you to choose, but he wants you to learn it through experience, not through him telling you.

Just as with children we guide them and give them advice but at some point we have to let go and let them choose.  When our children choose well we are so proud, and when they do not choose well we are so disappointing.  But we must give them the choice and deal with the consequences.

So with God, who is the ultimate parent.  He wants the joy of seeing you do the right thing and choose good and choose to connect with him.  In order to get that good, he has to put up with the evil and the bad choices people make.

In giving us this gift of free will God allows for people to do bad.  It is not God who is doing it to you in this case, he is allowing it or only not stopping it.

When you are asking why God did this, you are asking the wrong question.  It is not God that did this, it is men.  Men who chose to kill, men who chose to build concentration camps, men who chose to steal from the poor and not care for others.  These are people’s choices not God’s.

In order for us to achieve greatness using our free will by choosing to do the right thing, God had to allow the possibility that people will choose evil and do the wrong thing.

God is OK with allowing this evil and these bad people in the world for now because he can and he will eventually make it right.

Ultimately, there is an accounting.  In the after world God will eventually make those who have done these bad things pay the penalty for them, and those who suffered their bad acts gain rewards.

Bad Things Done by God

These are the things we see in the world that we cannot say another person did but come from God, like illness, miscarriage, infertility etc.

In these cases we simply have to say to ourselves that God is smarter than us and we cannot see the whole picture.

Imagine if an alien came down to earth and went into a hospital operating room and watched a surgeon amputate someone’s leg or give them a heart transplant. They would think we are truly heartless evil people.

They could not understand our reasoning and our purpose for doing this, they see only the consequence, the physical result.

From just this you cannot accurately determine what is right and what is wrong; what is good and what is evil.

What looks good may actually be evil and what looks evil may actually look good.  From our vantage point it is impossible to understand.

We cannot understand everything that God does, but belief in God means that you have to understand and accept that some things which are incomprehensible to you make sense to a G-d of goodness that loves you and all of his creations and someday you will understand that completely.

Protection From Bad People – Stop Bad Acts 

God has given us free will to choose between good and bad and he has also given us some tools to protect ourselves from bad people and the evil things they do.

The most important tool is belief in G-d and asking him for protection and healing. This is the basis for any change.

Practical Kabbalah also provides us with very unique tools to eliminate bad people from your life, which you can see here in our Protection From Enemies & Bad People package.

We also have tools for improving your luck and increasing the good blessing coming to you in our Improve Your Luck package.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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