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Your Spiritual Shadow


There is a saying in Kabbalah “AS IT IS BELOW, SO IS IT ABOVE“. Everything that exists in our material world also has a counterpart in the spiritual world. Your entire body has an identical spiritual counterpart in the spiritual world. Your spiritual shadow affects your physical shadow, and visa versa, they are a constant [….]

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A Special Tikkun Night

Dear friends, we are planning to have, B’H, a special tikkun night this upcoming Thursday night for people that are ill and need refuah. These tikkunim have a very strong meaning and influence on a person’s judgements and can literally change many difficult situations to salvation like a miracle. B’H, the all night learning Mishmar [….]

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Yizkor Prayer

The souls of your dearly beloved whose blood was shed and lives cut down in the heart of their flourishing. – those souls are in the heights of Heaven together with other holy and pure souls that shine forth in Heaven, close to the Divine Presence. They yearn so much to perform good deeds in [….]