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About Curses, Witchcraft and Black Magic

What is the connection between Kabbalah and black magic, witchcraft and curses.

According to Kabbalah all forms of black magic, whether it be curses or spells or other forms of witchcraft are forbidden because they all come from the impure side of creation.  Black magic is unclean, not from a physical sense but from a spiritual sense.

G-d created holiness and unholiness in this world, two opposites.  Both have powers; the holy has powers and the unholy has power from dark sources.

The Kabbalah outlaws all black magic, you are not allowed to do it. We are not allowed to use those unholy sources to accomplish anything.

We need to use only the holy and the pure that G-d wants us to use to accomplish things and not connect ourselves to the impure and unclean holy sources.

Black Magic Remedies

In our practice, we use only the remedies that connect to holiness and connection to G-d.  We do not use any black magic and we do not recommend that you use it yourself or seek out any black magic practitioner.

The holy side of G-d is very powerful and just requires learning to know and understand how you can connect to the positive forces he has put in the universe to create what you desire. We have learned this wisdom for over two decades and have personally seen the power that it has to help people change their life and do things they never dreamed possible.

We would like to spread this knowledge and help as many people as we can to achieve what they want and need in life.

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