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A Special Tikkun Night

Dear friends, we are planning to have, B’H, a special tikkun night this upcoming Thursday night for people that are ill and need refuah. These tikkunim have a very strong meaning and influence on a person’s judgements and can literally change many difficult situations to salvation like a miracle. B’H, the all night learning Mishmar program will start at 6:00pm and will include:

· Fasting all night (no food, or drinks)

· Taanit dibur

· Seder of tikkun karet with learning of the Zohar until midnight.

· Followed by Mishnayot and specific tehillim and learning.

· With the sun rise we will conduct pidyon nefesh for each ill person or child in the amount of $160 each (about 15 minutes per person. Note if you would like to do pidyon for someone you must bring $160 in singles for each person, which will later be donated to talmiday chachamim in need or you can donate it to your charity of choice).

· Followed by Shacharit at 6:45 am.