Types of Kabbalah Talismans

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The following are the list of seven main types of Kabbalah talismans that are the most commonly requested.

Those talismans are unique custom tailored to your name and situation and written to have the spiritual forces directed to bless and influence the persons issue.

we provide, that we have found to bring proven results in the last thirty years.

1. Evil eye 

2. Spiritual health remedies

3. Financial success

4. Political – social success

5. Relationship, marriage, soul mates

6. Success in litigation and court matters

Our Process

We handle every person with respect and personalized care. The following are the process that we have built in order to get the best spiritual influence and results within the talisman.

  • You need to submit your information : first name, your mother name and date of birth. you can do submit it by order form .
  • We look to find the person’s problem/difficulty from the spiritual point. The causes of the problem so we can work directly on the cause of the problem.
  • We create a specific spiritual remedies for that particular cause of the problem.
  • The solutions you will receive we create is created with holiness and the highest intention to create blessing and work on banishing the cause of the problem, to influence your specific situation intensively.

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